Krista Lane

Krista Lane
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  • Aliases: Christy Lane, Chrystal Lane, Crystal Lane, Rebecca Lee, Rebecca Lynn, Rebecca Lynne
  • Aufrufe: 90 365
  • Land: Germany
  • Birthdate: 26 February, 1959
  • Wachstums: 170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
  • Gewicht: 49 kg (108 lbs)
  • Körperproportionen: 89DD-58-91
One look at Porn Star Krista Lane on a box-cover should tell you all you need to know about her career -- she has the look of a true late 80's porn queen, which is exactly what she was. Her leggy, large breasted, frosted blonde looks and the nasty glint in her wide eyes give her away. Krista Lane made her mark on the late 80's scene with her wanton and raunchy sexual performances and a real natural ease in front of the camera. She could act better than most of her peers, but it was her hot and nasty carnal talents that made her a fan favorite. Krista Lane made her adult debut in 1985 in a string of down-and-dirty features like 'Double Penetration 1' and 'Born to Run.' Krista Lane was one of the first wave of porno strumpets who truly meant it when they said 'I'll do anything.' Krista Lane's main claim to fame was her amazing intensity during her sex scenes -- she never stopped working over her partners until well after the cameras stopped rolling! Her all-time best carnal performance can be found in 1986's 'Deep Throat 2.' Krista Lane's full-throttle star turn and incredible oral abilities in that flick garnered her an XRCO Best Actress Award. Krista Lane retired from the business in 1989, leaving behind a body of work to rival any of her better-known peers.
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