Linda Shaw

Linda Shaw
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  • Aliases: Jenny Wilson, Linda Elstro, Lindsey Snow, Lindy Shaw, Lindy Show, Lindy Snow, Lorna Mills, Lorna Wills, Nancy Garcia, Nancy Smith, Arlene Phillips
  • Aufrufe: 39 210
  • Land: United States
  • Provinz / Staat: NV - Nevada
  • Stadt: Las Vegas
Porn Star Linda Shaw is an olive-skinned stunner whose one of the stalwarts of 80's porn. Linda Shaw was a large-breasted, kinky-haired brunette with a lushly curvaceous figure and a strikingly pretty face that seemed more at home in a make-up ad than a porno flick. But Linda Shaw's frenzied, orally fixated sexuality made her a mainstay in hardcore during its video explosion. Linda Shaw's first hardcore film was 1981's 'Physical,' and she made an instant impression on fans and producers alike. Within two years, Linda Shaw was garnering starring roles and proving herself to be one of the hottest women in the biz. Her lead role in 1983's 'Bold Obsession' is probably her best performance, including a red-hot tabletop romp in which two guys and two gals ravish her until she's writhing with passionate intensity. Her appearance in 'Paper Dolls' is another revealing turn, and features an interview in which she tells all about what led her into her lusty line of work. Linda Shaw also starred in one of the first all-girl epics, the highly erotic 'Woman Times Four.' Linda Shaw could play it fast and furious with equal heat. Linda Shaw retired in the mid-80's, only to reappear a few years later in a several steamy hand-picked roles. Linda Shaw was gone by 1989, resurfacing briefly in 1993's 'Gimme An X' before leaving the erotic industry for good.
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