Bill Margold

Bill Margold
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    • Aliases: Bearson Stubbs, Bill Magold, Bill Margold, Dee Lyons, Lary Lem, Lem Lary, Mr. Drea, Mr. William Margold, W. Margold, William Maragold, William Margold
    • Staatsangehörigkeit: American
    • Provinz / Staat: DC
    • Stadt: Washington
    • Alter: 74
    • Wachstums: 188
    • Gewicht: 91
    • Bewertung: 0.00
    • Aufrufe: 11 622
Attended California State University at Northridge, graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. Son of Nathan Margold, a Harvard Law School graduate who went on to become Solicitor General of the Department of the Interior under President Harry Truman. Nathan Margold was also the author of a landmark study commissioned by the NAACP that studied public education for Black Americans.
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