Fabulous classic scene with John Holmes and Bob Chinn


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Beschreibung: John Holmes is at his best in this Johnny Wadd detective classic. An old flame of John's is crimed in the Hollywood Hills. Driven by his one-time love and lust for the girl he is determined to find her killer. His first clue is from a lesbian who knew her well. John catches her masturbating with a very large dildo and then he amazes her with the live version. One clue leads to another money are discovered to be the precipitating cause of Sheila's death. A ring is found ,on one of the suspects, and Wadd recognizes it as belonging to a member of the Lotus gang, the meanest gang in Chinatown. Even the police won't lend any assistance against them. Has Johnny Wadd finally met his match? The voluptuous women, the great fight scenes and the exhilarating erotic action are bound to leave you breathless.