Nikki Knights

Nikki Knights
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  • Aliases: Gina Rae, Jodi Hooper, Nicki Blaze, Nicki Knights, Nicki Nights, Nicky Knight, Niki Knights, Nikki Blaze, Nikki Dee, Nikki Knight, Nikki Knights, Nikki Night, Nikki Nights, Stella Virgin, Nikki Nites, Jodi Dee
  • Aufrufe: 126 000
  • Land: United States
  • Sternzeichen: Pisces
  • Birthdate: 21 February, 1960
Nikki Knights is an American adult film actress. She was born on February 21, 1960 or 1963. She began her career in the adult film industry in the 1980's and worked in over a hundred films throughout the 80's and 1990's. Knights made at least one video in 2002. She has also been credited as Jodi, Nikki Blaze, Jodi Dee, Nikki Dee, Jodi Hooper, Nikki Night, Nikki Nights, and Stella Virgin.