Roberto Malone

Roberto Malone
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  • Aliases: Bob Holmes, Bob Malone, Bod Malone, Frank Mallone, Mel Roberto, Robert Malone, Roberto Mallone, Roberto Mel, Roberto Moreno, Roberto Pipino
  • Aufrufe: 161 144
  • Land: Italy
  • Provinz / Staat: Piedmont
  • Stadt: Turin
  • Sternzeichen: Scorpio
  • Birthdate: 31 October, 1956
Roberto Malone (born October 31, 1956 in Turin, Italy) is a porn actor. He is known as "Ron Jeremy from Europe". In activity since 1987 and he is married to porn actress Eva Falk (he has been boyfriend of porn actress Zara Whites). Malone’s looks are typically southern European: his hair – both on his head and body – is dark, and he is most often shot in scenes wearing fat gold bracelets, gold watches and gold chains, setting him off with a medallion man macho image vibe. His clean shaved 80s look has been interrupted occasionally, especially during the 90s and onwards, to include the occasional goatee or facial hair and his originally sturdy, stocky body has become fleshier with age, turning him into a typical daddy bear. Malone's penis is distinct in that it is exceptionally thick and vascular (i.e. contains large, prominent veins and/or arteries that bulge above the corpi of the penis). His penis is a reported 6 inches (15 cm) in circumference (i.e. girth) at the midshaft. These features usually make Malone's identification a giveaway, even in scenes where his face is absent.