Booty Queen

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Beschreibung: With only four so-so sphincter-stabbing scenes Booty Queen does not quite reach royalty status. Sure, there's a decent d.p. and an excuse-me-may-I-cut-in foursome, but this is not one of director Borsky's better anal efforts. The first scene with T.T. Boy, Annabelle and Jon Dough, finds the cute blonde Annabelle in her clothes throughout and T.T. doing some pre-fuck stretching. The guys alternate turns in her mouth and pussy before performing a hard and fast d.p.-ectomy. A dual facial brings a smile to her face. Not bad, but why is she clothed and the guys no? Round two is an ohh and ahh-filled bout between Dough and the mammoth-mammaried Angelica Fox. At times her grunts appear a bit put on, but there's no doubt that a deep blowjob and a burnt sienna fringed anal are the real deal. The rectal ride appears to have shaken all of the fluids loose in Dough as he cums in quarts and shoots into her mouth with the accuracy of Larry Bird at the free throw line. When Tom Byron and J.R. Carrington appear together on a couch I was not sure who was going to get the butt banging but it winds up being the 'I'll-give-you-your-money's-worth' J.R. They both enjoy a fierce feast at caf 69 prior to her getting her mish / cowgirl / anal desserts. The finale has a poker-her game featuring two pairs. They shuffle each others cards before changing 'decks.' The scene is fairly well covered and there is anal, but unfortunately there's no royal flush, just two weak pair. The standard Borsky close-ups are there, but a missed penetration shot here, and too many clothes there, has the Booty Queen falling short of rump-humping infamy. When stocking, play by rear - I mean, ear.
Models: Jay Sweet