Inside Seka

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Beschreibung: The Marilyn Monroe of PornBilled as an expose of Seka's real sex life, this all-ahead-full sexual thriller would stretch the bounds of credulity if about anyone but Seka, the fiery platinum-blonde sex goddess. Co-starring her real-life boyfriend Ken as well as a laundry list of other blue-movie males, this is a non-stop joy ride through Seka's formidable libido, and features some of the most wicked footage of her ever filmed. Most notably in her scenes with Ken, Seka seems completely at ease and truly into what she's doing. One actually imagines she's forgotten the presence of the camera and is having sex for sex's sake rather than to move the film along, a rarity for many porn divas. A must-have for Seka fans. This is the only Carole Bosholm video. Adult stars also making their debut in this video: John Cockswell, Igor Elder, John Gold, Debbie Gukeisen, Corey Kidd, Tara Mann, Monte Marano, Ken Yontz.