Die Madchen von St. Tropez

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Beschreibung: Hot summer of 1981 on the Cote dAzur. The lawyer-Brigitt (played by former French porn superstar Marilyn Jess) and her friend Kathy (Mika Barthel) learn at the beach Roddy and Eddy know. The two darede-vils want to shoot a porno and seduce the attractive girls to uninhibited sex games they Legendly film. In luxurious Mediterranean villas, yachts and speedboats, disco, it drives the growing sex clique getting wilder. Become Roddy and Eddy can turn her hot streak to end, or to get them in the end was on the ropes? The excessive History inter alia with a legendary scene where Cathy Menard up to his neck in the beach dug a blowjob done and the international star cast made this film a classic pornography. Resampled from the original negative, digitized and processed, it can now be seen in unprecedented quality at last.