Idoni Sta Kaminia

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Beschreibung: Stefanos and Notis are two free-lance photographers and partners, having problems with their business. Stefanos is more pre-occupied in having sex with his girlfriend Elena, to the dismay of Notis, who thinks that Stefanos should rather use his qualities of a ladies charmer and stud to lure young girls to sexy modelling, thus profiting their common business. Both guys wander around in Athens searching for young sexy girls eager to model, and it’s not surprising that Stefanos manages to convince the curious Anna to take part in a photo shoot. On the occasion of a first photo session in his apartment, in the presence of Elena, Anna is introduced to the other side of modelling, spying on the couple’s inevitable fucking and frenetically masturbating. Further on, Stefanos finally succeeds in doing Anna in their next private photo shoot. Elena, tired of Stefanos’ adventures, states that she is no longer willing to serve him as a “fuck object” to exhaust his attraction to other female models. Stefanos, on the contrary, is very much aroused by the whole situation, going as far as to suggest an orgy involving both ladies. Meanwhile, sexy Irina, on vacation in Santorini, phones Notis and requests the services of Stefanos for some very provocative (porn) photo shoot, provided that he is ready to work in the island. Mysteriously, Irina receives a phone call from (her old friend!) Elena, asking for a “favour”. Later on, Stefanos photographs Irina and her boyfriend Vassilis having sex and soon joins in. Vassilis, demanding to get paid, is soon kicked out of the villa and Irina shares a brief fling with Stefanos. While making love, Irina makes a phone call to Elena, leaving the phone open so that Elena will easily convince Anna of their common lover’s incurable infidelity. Upon his return back home, Stefanos discovers a note by Elena, informing him of her decision to abandon him and leave for Europe with Anna! He is also requested to quit her apartment asap! Shocked by the unexpected turn of things, but mostly by the insult to his machismo and the loss of two “great lays”, Stefanos seeks comfort from Notis. The latter consoles him immediately, by informing him of the recent contract he has managed to make: a porn shoot involving “African beauty” Ajita. Stefanos’ male pride is rehabilitated. Having kept in mind Irina’s eagerness to fuck any time with him, Stefanos invites her and Vassilis for the next shooting with Ajita. The film ends with the inevitable orgy involving all four of them.