Surf Sand and Sex

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Beschreibung: Discovering the ultimate aphrodisiac. Its a plot seen often before in adult features. But Essex and director Robert McCallum have taken this worn plot and dressed it up nicely with beautiful oily bodies, plenty of sunshine, a few comic scenes and lots of action in Barbara Dares Surf, Sand & Sex. Dare, looking tantalizing, develops Dare Tan Plus, a suntan lotion with a plus. The plus is a Cajun swamp mixture which, when hit by sunlight, makes the wearer extremely promiscuous. With side kick Tom Byron (a good, funny performance), Dare sets up experiments on four women and three men to test out her motion lotion. This means plenty of sweaty, naked, oily bodies pumping away amidst the surf, sun and sand. Excellent outdoor photography captures every steamy detail for the viewer, who is treated to energetic performances from the entire cast. Theres some newer faces mixed in with the old pros, and everyone seems to be genuinely enjoyingthemselves. Theres even some tease involved, as the lotion gets a couple of the guinea pigs all worked up, and then someone douses them with water, diluting the desire. But we still get our fill of torridness with plenty of couplings and a hot video-ending orgy. Essex has come under the gun lately for putting outwell, lets just say their recent product has not been up to par. But with Surf, Sand & Sex, this once top-of-the-charts company takes a step in the right direction. Surf, Sand & Sex presents a complete story, enthused performers and arousing sex in a well-made package. A refreshing change from the ho-hum video look.