Exotic facial retro video with Erica Idol and Jamie Gillis

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Beschreibung: Eight beautiful young women who know what they want andiget it! When Officer Gillis and his partner, Dan Mann, check theicavities of big-busted suspect, Sondra Stillman, they find more than they bargained for. Sondra quickly turns the tables on these boys in blue and now she's in a lot of trouble for committing numerous perversions on a couple of cops. Jacqueline Lorians gets it on with her horny girlfriend Gina Carrera; Kelly Nichols seduces sweetheart Erica Idol; Kirk Wilder lays her low with some heavy equipment; John Leslie drills his slutty girl-in-law; Nina Hartley, in a sizzling head to head controntation; and so it goes!!