Pleasure Dome

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Beschreibung: A thunderous crash of a lightning bolt from the hand of a de-mon knight awakens a sensuous girl from a peacful night's relax and draws her into an erotic dreamworld. In this world Maria is fucked to face the consequences of her past. It started with a short stop at a second-hand store where she purshased a mask with a strange power. Soon all those around her are affected by a sex of lust wich transforms their lives and draws them together. Through a series of dreams, Maria learns that in centuries past she was a sorceress. Her love was betrayed by the knight she served, whom she had cursed for all eternity. Now, centuries later, with the discovery of the mask of the sorceress power, these events have reached their climax. Pleasure Dome is an erotic fantasy unlike anything else you have experienced. It will draw you into a dream world where fantasies are reality, where the past merges into the present and where no pleasure is left unknown.