Nicole's Revenge

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Beschreibung: The film is supposedly about Nicole Brown returning to life and lead other men to annoy O.J. Pretty tasteless plot ... Sara plays Reincarnation Nicole, but has no interaction with anyone, which is supposed to be O.J. to the cinema. There are many people bumping into it, but Sara just have a scene with a touch of lesbianism. The real payoff here, which makes this 9 out of 10 stars, a solo scene where Sara talks to the camera and the deceives the other actors in the film. This is - one of a handful of really explicit scenes that Sara had ever done, and although it is - a solo scene ... it's hot, hot, hot !!! I highly recommend this film, based strictly on a solo Sara'a scene. The film is really only available on VHS, as far as I know ... so check their bins deals at flea markets for it ... you will not be disappointed!
Models: Nikki Frame